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Vision and Learning Screener

Name____________________________________   Age_________   Grade_________

Teacher____________________________      School___________________________

 Quality of Life Survey  

Please put an “X” in the column that best shows how often this happens to your child.

How often does this happen?



A little




A  lot




 1. Headaches with reading or writing






 2. Words slide together or get blurry when reading






 3. Reads below grade level






 4. Loses place while reading






 5. Head tilt or closes an eye when reading


 6. Hard to copy from the board


 7. Doesn’t like reading or writing


 8. Leaves out small words when reading


 9. Hard to write in a straight line


10. Burning, itching, or watery eyes


11. Hard to understand what he/she has read


12. Holds book very close


13. Hard to pay attention when reading


14. Hard to finish assignments on time


15. Gives up easily (says “I can’t” before trying)


16. Bumps into things, knocks things over


17. Homework takes too long


18. Daydreams


19. In trouble for being off task at school


 Number of total marks in each column






 Multiply total marks in each column by:

   x 0 

     x 1

  x 2

  x 3

x 4

                          Score for each column






                                               Total Score for all columns _______________*


*Total score greater than 20 indicates the child is at risk for a vision-based learning problem.  Further evaluation by a pediatric optometrist is recommended.